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What is Metal Expert Witness?

Metal Expert Witness is a specialised advisory business that is focused on the upstream and downstream ferrous and non-ferrous metals industries. Most typically, we work (through lawyers) for clients involved in metals and mining sector litigation work. We are experienced in working with leading law firms to write robust independent reports, and have solid cross-examination and tribunal credentials.

Experienced Independent Experts

The Metal Expert Witness group consists of over a dozen experts, with capabilities covering geology, mining, ore processing, pellet-making, metal production and transport logistics. Our experience covers iron, steel, aluminium, cobalt, copper, gold, lead, lithium, molybdenum, nickel, silver and zinc. It also encompasses the 3T metals [tantalum, tin, tungsten] and the PGMs or platinum group metals [including ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, osmium, iridium, and platinum].

Most of our technical experts have 30 or more years of metal industry advisory experience.

Location and time zone

We are located near London, in the United Kingdom. Much of our advisory work is undertaken for clients in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, in the Americas, in the Middle East and in Africa. We are able to work virtually using modern video conferencing tools.


Metal Expert Witness is owned and operated by Metals Consulting International Limited (MCI), an independent and privately-owned management consulting business that was founded in 2003. MCI runs several different businesses, each of which serves the global metals and mining sector. Other organisations within the MCI Group include,, and the Saint Barbara metals minerals and mining consultancy practice.

How can I contact you?

Please see our contact page. You can also telephone us directly on +44 775 149 0885. We will be pleased to have a no-obligation introductory discussion about your case in order to establish whether we are likely to be able to assist you; and to check for conflicts of interest.

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