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Video News - 2022 Industry Discussions & Disputes

Emerging powers in Africa: Strategic minerals
18 May 2022
What is the impact of the rise of rare earth mineral demand, and what are the optimum policies, regulations, and legislation frameworks to attract investment that generates benefits for investors, national treasury, and communities?

Elon Musk teases Tesla's entry into lithium mining
08 Apr 2022
Elon Musk starts discussion about whether Tesla should get into lithium mining.

Why The EV Industry Faces A Global Nickel Shortage
19 Mar 2022
As the electric vehicle industry ramps up, it could be hindered by a global shortage of nickel, a key component in most lithium-ion batteries. Tesla recently signed a deal to source nickel from a proposed mine in Minnesota, though mining raises a variety of environmental concerns that EV automakers must grapple with if they want to source battery minerals responsibly.

London Metal Exchange suspends nickel trading after prices more than double
08 Mar 2022
The latest news from the London Metal Exchange, which has suspended trading of its nickel contract following a short squeeze.

How Will Ukraine Tensions Hit Base Metal Prices?
03 Feb 2022
The threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine has stoked geopolitical tensions between Russia, the US and its European allies. A military incursion and subsequent retaliatory sanctions could affect base metals markets via disruption to Russia’s metal supply, higher energy costs for Europe’s metal producers and macro-led risk-reduction.

Deadly explosion in Ghana leaves huge crater after a mining truck accident
21 Jan 2022
A massive crater has been formed in the ground following an explosion in Ghana's rural west. The explosion happened when a truck carrying explosives to a gold mine collided with a motorcycle. Multiple people are believed to have been killed. Footage shows widespread damage to houses nearby.

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