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Video News - 2021 Industry Disputes

Rare earths and a Chinese export ban.
19 Feb 2021
Rare earths and critical minerals are the core ingredients to powering the clean tech of the future. As key to the production of magnets required to build wind turbines, electric vehicles and smart technology, it is this segment of the resources sector that investors should be watching.

Swiss court finds Israeli businessman Beny Steinmetz guilty of corruption.
23 Jan 2021
In a landmark verdict in one of the mining world's most high profile iron ore mining cases, a Swiss criminal court found Israeli businessman Beny Steinmetz guilty of corruption and forgery and sentenced him to five years in jail with a sizeable fine.

Vedanta to compensate Zambian villagers for polluting their water.
21 Jan 2021
Villagers filed a claim in London in 2015 against Konkola Copper Mines alleging that effluent from its Nchanga Copper Mine was responsible for polluting water sources and land.

China's Influence over Rare Earth Elements.
12 Jan 2021
Over the years, China has developed a near monopoly over the extraction and refinement of Rare Earth Elements (REE), the necessary components of products such as cellphones, hard drives, hybrid vehicles, and flat-screen TVs. But, as China's influence over REE and the supply chains grows, many nations are searching for solutions that limit their environmental impact and exclude China from their production. This, in turn, is causing China to retaliate in uncertain ways. What exactly are these elements, how do they fit into the global supply chain, and why should we care that China has a monopoly over their extraction?

VMR Gold Mine Dispute | Miners protest over dismissals.
05 Jan 2021
Miners at VMR Gold Mine are protesting what they say are unlawful dismissals by management. This follows a sit-in last month over unpaid pension funds and poor working conditions. The workers say they were informed that they were being let go just days before Christmas.

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Metals and mining industry reports on year 2021 industry disputes.