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Video News - 2021 Industry Discussions & Disputes

Illegal gold mining in Indonesia linked to birth defects
12 Dec 2021
Health experts have raised new safety concerns about illegal gold mining in Indonesia. Dozens of babies are suffering birth defects potentially linked to hazardous chemicals used to process the precious metal.

Green energy: DR Congo push to improve cobalt miners' safety
24 Nov 2021
The recently COP26 climate talks in Glasgow have given added urgency to the push for renewable sources, of which cobalt, used in electric car batteries, is highly in demand. Much of it comes from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but mining there is dangerous and unregulated.

No Easy Journey: Cobalt, Car Batteries and Human Rights
19 Nov 2021
Sales of electric vehicles (EV) have surged in recent years as governments incentivise EV adoption and consumers become more environmentally conscious. What consumers might not be aware of are the negative impacts this growth in demand is having on communities and livelihoods in other parts of the world.

Australian Vanadium talks resource update for flagship project
02 Nov 2021
Australian Vanadium Ltd's Vincent Algar discusses an upgraded mineral resource for its namesake vanadium project near Meekatharra in Western Australia. The company's reported a 14.8% boost in resources, with the project’s mineral resource now at 239 million tonnes at 0.73% vanadium pentoxide.

Report slams Congo's $6 billion China mining deal
08 Oct 2021
The Democratic Republic of Congo's $6 billion China mining deal is 'unconscionable', says a report commissioned by a global anti-corruption body of governments, companies and activists.

Why A Looming Copper Shortage Has Big Consequences For The Green Economy
30 Jul 2021
Copper prices have surged in 2021. The base metal remains in high demand, much thanks to its need in green energy projects and electric cars. In May 2021, commodities analysts at Goldman Sachs called copper ‘the new oil.’ That’s because electric cars need several times more copper than their gas-powered counterparts.

The Battery Metals Boom – Meeting the Supply & Demand Challenge
16 Jul 2021
With the move to electric cars set to accelerate over the next 20 years, the market for the battery metals required is starting to boom. Watch this Reuters Events Webinar which discusses the growing demand for lithium; the scarcity of cobalt, and the outlook for battery metals over the next decade.

Invest in the future of mining Cornwall and SW England
10 Jun 2021
Invest in the future of mining Cornwall and SW England: The UK’s critical metals resource - developing raw materials responsibly to drive clean growth and power the fourth industrial revolution.

Biden Strikes Blow to US Critical Metals Miners
28 May 2021
Electric vehicles may be a mainstay of Biden's ambitious green energy plans, but many critical metals will be sourced from abroad, dealing a solid blow to America's mining industry.

The Apache war against copper mining: this is an act of desecration
16 Apr 2021
Chí'chil Biłdagoteel - otherwise known as Oak Flat, Arizona – is regarded as sacred ancestral land by the Apache people. With the territory at risk of being sold for copper mining to a subsidiary of Rio Tinto, resident Wendsler Nosie has set up a protest movement from his tipi, alongside his daughter and granddaughter. With no support from the courts, Wendsler and the community are anxiously hoping the Biden administration will pause the land transfer.

Rare earth metals - the fight we're losing
12 Apr 2021
Many of the things you most care about depend on certain key elements, the names of which you mostly never heard of. The defence of your country depends on those things as well. Right now, China has control of them, and it has specifically said that it's planning to use that control against us.

What does a winding up petition mean for Liberty Steel?
06 Apr 2021
Discussion about the debts of Liberty Steel, and about the winding up petition that Liberty Commodities is facing from Citigroup.

The Collapse of Greensill Capital
23 Mar 2021
SoftBank-backed Greensill Capital (a fintech company) lent billions of dollars to companies that included the highly indebted metals conglomerate GFG Alliance, silicon valley Construction Technology company Katerra and West Virginia mining company Bluestone Resources. These loans were packaged into bonds which were sold as a fund by Credit Suisse. Greensill was funded by its own German-based and regulated bank and via Zurich-based Credit Suisse Asset Management. Its main shadow banking operations were in London. German regulators BaFin last month seized control of the bank and filed a criminal complaint alleging balance sheet manipulation. Swiss and Australian officials are asking questions of Credit Suisse. Meanwhile, in the UK, where it has been celebrated as a leading “fintech” and counted former prime minister David Cameron as an adviser, there is little sign of regulatory action. In the lead up to this crisis Lex Greensill and his family took $200 million out of the company. No one knows the precise amount of bad loans involved: Credit Suisse is budgeting for at least $1bn to $2bn; insurance policies covered at least $4.6bn; in July last year insurer Tokio Marine said an underwriter had breached exposure limits by writing coverage for more than $7bn. And no one is sure who will bear the losses. .

Minnesota Supreme Court Reverses Rejection of Permit for PolyMet Mine
25 Feb 2021
Update regarding ruling on the critical air emissions permit for the PolyMet $1 billion copper nickel mine.

Rare earths and a Chinese export ban.
19 Feb 2021
Rare earths and critical minerals are the core ingredients to powering the clean tech of the future. As key to the production of magnets required to build wind turbines, electric vehicles and smart technology, it is this segment of the resources sector that investors should be watching.

Swiss court finds Israeli businessman Beny Steinmetz guilty of corruption.
23 Jan 2021
In a landmark verdict in one of the mining world's most high profile iron ore mining cases, a Swiss criminal court found Israeli businessman Beny Steinmetz guilty of corruption and forgery and sentenced him to five years in jail with a sizeable fine.

Vedanta to compensate Zambian villagers for polluting their water.
21 Jan 2021
Villagers filed a claim in London in 2015 against Konkola Copper Mines alleging that effluent from its Nchanga Copper Mine was responsible for polluting water sources and land.

China's Influence over Rare Earth Elements.
12 Jan 2021
Over the years, China has developed a near monopoly over the extraction and refinement of Rare Earth Elements (REE), the necessary components of products such as cellphones, hard drives, hybrid vehicles, and flat-screen TVs. But, as China's influence over REE and the supply chains grows, many nations are searching for solutions that limit their environmental impact and exclude China from their production. This, in turn, is causing China to retaliate in uncertain ways. What exactly are these elements, how do they fit into the global supply chain, and why should we care that China has a monopoly over their extraction?

VMR Gold Mine Dispute | Miners protest over dismissals.
05 Jan 2021
Miners at VMR Gold Mine are protesting what they say are unlawful dismissals by management. This follows a sit-in last month over unpaid pension funds and poor working conditions. The workers say they were informed that they were being let go just days before Christmas.

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